Devlog – Weapon Showcase #4

Hello Blacksmiths! Today we got some shockingly bad puns as we display this electrifying content. You won’t be able to Ωresist picking this part!


Zap! brings you the Tesla Zapper. It’s powered by a bunch of AA batteries funnelled through an axiom converter field with reversed polarity spheres. This bad boy can deliver 200 GigaVolt of shockingly terrifying power straight to your enemies.

The Tesla Zapper is a short-ranged part that fires lightning at the enemy. It does fantastic work in crowded areas when combined with the Zap! set bonus that allows your lightning to bounce to nearby enemies.

*Please note that all values are subject to change before Early Access as balancing is happening continuously.

Forge and Fight is coming to Early Access in Summer 2020!

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