Devlog – Weapon Showcase #3

​Hello Blacksmiths! This time it’s getting hot in here as we’re taking a look at the Burning Birdcage!

Hot Rod hastily put the Burning Birdcage together during the Hullabaloo Superspeedway Truck-Truck Cup. It was built to grill hot dogs. The gasoline-soaked coal would turn a hot dog into a blackened abomination within seconds. Some say that this invention was the cause of the great Hullabaloo fire tragedy that mysteriously occurred at the same time. Hot Rod denies any involvement.

By equipping the Burning Birdcage all damage you deal will also set stuff on fire! It can be used to great effect together with a long-ranged rifle to make your bullets leave a fiery sting with a spicy aftertaste.

*Please note that all values are subject to change before Early Access as balancing is happening continuously.

Forge and Fight is coming to Early Access in Summer 2020!

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