Devlog – Weapon Showcase #1 

Over the next few Devlogs we’re going to showcase a few of the weapons that you will be able to utilize in Forge and Fight!

The first one we are showing off today is the Soul Eater!

The Soul Eater is legendary. It was only wielded by the Billabonk Fight Boys, but since looting got banned by the boring humanitarians, the tribes needed an alternative source of income. They launched the Soul Eater Leasing Initiative, which allows all gladiators access to this powerful weapon. 

Forging with this weapon has an immediate drawback as it reduces your health, but if you stay on the aggressive and score enough eliminations, you can become what the Billabonkers call a “Chonky Boi”.

*Please note that all values are subject to change before Early Access as balancing is happening continuously.

Forge and Fight is coming to Early Access in Summer 2020!

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