Devlog – Thank You For Playing The Open Beta!

Hey Everyone, John here!

Firstly I just want to say thank you to everyone who checked out Forge and Fight! during the Open Beta during the Steam Game Festival and for all the feedback you guys sent us on our Discord and on our feedback form!

We also want to be transparent about how we are going to take your feedback about a few of the major points that came up and improve the game with it!

Better Player Onboarding.

We heard from many of you that the initial first few games felt awkward, especially when being thrown into an active match, and the lack of a Tutorial didn’t help with this. We are working on a tutorial and we will try to continue to make things clearer.

Game Balance, namely Snipers, Defender Set, the Whirlwind and the rotator.

As we playtest internally, we will have another look at the balance of the above, and the rest of the sets and items, and keep on tweaking it if needed. For Early Access, we are adding additional weapon parts which will impact the game balance in different ways as well.

Certain sets were harder to achieve than others due to lack of parts.

The weapon part list is still being worked on, and we have parts already in mind to improve this balance, as our goal is to try and make each set bonus achievable, and fun to play with. 

Difficult to understand what is going on due to too many effects

We hear you! Especially in the later parts of a match when everyone has fully built weapons, it can be certainly hard to understand what is going on. We’re constantly striving towards finding the perfect place between chaos and clarity, which often is quite challenging.

Sandbox mode!

Many of you mentioned wanting a sandbox mode which allows you to create your weapons and test them at will. We can say that we are planning on having some form of Sandbox Mode in Early Access.

Optimization, bugs and general issues

For some, the game struggled to run smoothly, and we’ve made a list of bugs and issues that you all have made us aware of, we will go through this list to improve both the optimization and try and get rid of those pesky bugs and issues before early access! 

We have much more to come in Early Access, coming Summer 2020.

Wishlist the game:​

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