Open Beta FAQ

Hey everyone,

Want to know more about the Open Beta for Forge and Fight? Well, you’ve found your way to the correct place. Here is a little list of FAQ that may help you out!

What is Forge and Fight?
Forge and Fight is a wacky, and fun, weapon-crafting multiplayer action game. Each round, you are given random parts to work with to create as an effective, silly or random weapon as possible, to help you fight your way through each round against other players or bots.

What can we expect from the Open Beta?
The Open Beta will consist of 2 different maps, 4 game modes and a good selection of weapon parts. It will also contain private matches and grouping features.

What game modes are in the Open Beta?

  • Turf War – Control areas and eliminate enemies to earn points!
  • Push the Cart – Whack the cart into your enemies base to blow them up!
  • Brawl – Earn points by eliminating your enemies!
  • Last Team Standing – Be the last team standing to win!

How many players does the game support?
The Game supports up to 8 players.

Do I have to play the game in Multiplayer?
While we suggest that the game is best enjoyed with other people, especially friends, You can create a private match to play against bots.

How long will the Open Beta last?
Currently, the Open Beta will last until the 21st of June.

Mac/Linux Support?
Both Mac and Linux are not officially supported at this time.

Controller Support?
The game does indeed have controller support!

Supported Languages?
For the Open Beta, we only have English supported, but in the future, we are planning to support multiple different languages!

When can we expect Forge and Fight! To release?
Forge and Fight! Is planned to come to Early Access in summer 2020.

Got any other Questions?

Head on over to one of our social channels to ask us!