We’re Removing all the Violence from Forge and Fight!

Hello, Everyone We have a very important announcement today. 

We have decided to remove all the Violence from Forge and Fight!

We are a bit tired of all the violence that we currently have in the game and want to give a new spin to how the player can engage in conflicts (we’ve also been playing a lot of Animal Crossing). Which is why we’ve decided to introduce the Messenger Pigeon! This weapon part allows the player to have peaceful negotiations with their enemies instead of just brute force battles.

Oh and since this proved to be an incredibly strong strategy (pretty much all of the developers stopped using violent physical weapons during our internal playtests) we are also renaming the game to Forge and Negotiate, and we’ll remove all of the other weapon parts since they aren’t really needed anymore. Send your Messenger Pigeon to your foes and turn them into diplomatic allies! Maybe you can even host a tea party in the arena!

With a lot of love from the Flamebait team.

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