Alpha Testing Starts Within Weeks! Don’t Forget to Register!

Flamebait Games announces the start of closed Alpha testing for Forge and Fight! It’s happening in March from Friday the 13th (2 pm CET) to Saturday 14th (2 pm CET). Soon a select few of you will be able to forge your own wild weapons and try it out in the online arena! 

Please note that you need to fill out the form below to be eligible for participation!

We would also like to share the following information with you:

  • We need to keep this round of testing small, so filling out the form, unfortunately, does not guarantee that you’ll gain access to the Alpha. You’ll know that you’ve gotten access if you get an email from us…

  • If you can’t join the Alpha test or if you’re not chosen, don’t worry! You’ll still have a chance to join the Beta test later! We’re planning to have way more testers when that comes around.

  • Forge and Fight! is an online multiplayer game for up to 6 players, but don’t worry, we have some (stupid) bots to fight with as well.
  • In this Alpha test, you’ll most likely experience errors and bugs and stuff that looks and feels weird. We would like you to provide your feedback via the email form or the special Alpha Test Discord channel we’ll invite you to (just ask EmberCat or [FAB] matsmats to give you an Alpha tester role)..

  • You’re not allowed to capture and share footage of the game outside of the discord channel. If the footage is found we’ll have to terminate the Steam Key and ban that user from further tests. 🙁

Flamebait Games team is thankful for your help with the Alpha test and hope you’ll have tons of fun playing the game!. We love making crazy and odd games together with you!