Happy Holidays!

Thank you for a wonderful year and happy holidays! 

2019 has been such an exciting year! The prototype of ‘Forge and Fight!’ was released in March and it has now reached more than 75,000 installs worldwide. We are really enjoying all the crazy ‘let’s play’ videos on youtube which will let us take ‘Forge and Fight!’ to the next level. We’ll keep working on the game in 2020 to get it ready for launch and will be announcing a call for alpha and beta testers on Discord relatively soon. Please stay tuned.

Meanwhile during the holidays, if you are looking for some games to play, both our games are on 50% sale now! Please check here!

The whole team at Flamebait would love to wish every member of our community happy holidays. 

Our warmest wishes for a lovely holiday season! //Miya

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