Devlog #1 Introduction

Hello there! Mattias here, CEO and Game Designer at Flamebait Games. We’re the team behind Passpartout: The Starving Artist and Verlet Swing. As a studio we always strive towards creating something special, something unique, something really interesting. After all, it’s the indie developer’s role in the world to bring exciting innovation to the gaming world in a way that AAA studios never can. Or at least, that is what we believe.

From left, Mattias Lindblad (CEO & Game Designer). Niklas Lindblad (CTO & Programmer), Niklas Bergwall (General Art, UI/UX), Viktor Zryd (Audio Design, Production), Gustav Rosberg (3D Art, Art Direction), Ludwig Gustavsson(Programmer,VFX), Tomoko Miya (Marketing Management. *not actually a cat)

At the moment the studio is deep into developing our next title, Forge and Fight! It’s probably a cliché to say this but it’s hands down our most ambitious project yet. The gameplay is in the title. You forge weapons and you fight with them. To test out the viability of the concept we made a prototype over the course of 4 weeks which you can download and check out here.

This prototype performed very well and we are super excited about the idea so we decided to pursue making a full game. I’ll be talking more about our prototyping process and how we evaluate whether an idea is worth pursuing or not in a future devlog.

Our ambition is to continuously write devlogs through the development process. The purpose is partly to document our thoughts and decision-making but also being able to share things that can help other developers or start interesting discussions in the comment sections that can help us grow as well. Personally, I’ll try to be as candid as possible when writing these. I strongly believe that we need more people that talk openly about the failures and hardships when making games. Especially mental health issues that I see so frequently in the industry but also development f*ck-ups that other people can learn from and avoid. 

That is all for now! A short and sweet introduction just to get us started. Stay tuned for the next one and have a nice one!

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